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Jabiel & Debbie Santiago

You Deserve Travel is made up of two crazy in-love newlyweds.  The idea of becoming a travel agent has been on Debbie's heart for a long time and on February 11, 2016 she made it a reality--but she's not alone.  She and her husband Jabiel are a team.

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We all work hard and our days are long regardless of what line of work we're in.  The last thing we do is treat ourselves to a vacation that we deserve. Instead, we convince ourselves we either can't afford it or why we shouldn't go.

The name You Deserve Travel came after their going to the Dominican Republic for a much-needed vacation in November 2015. You see, they not only work full-time but were caretakers for Debbie's mom, Lydia, who had Alzheimer. If any of you are familiar with that disease, you could understand how difficult it can be--especially on the caretakers.  When Jabiel and Debbie decided to take that much-needed trip, the words that came out of their mouths were, "We deserve it." Debbie's beloved mom, Lydia, passed away surrounded by family on November 16, 2016. She is forever in our hearts!

Debbie and Jabiel take vacations very seriously. This is not just their business, but a passion to see hard-working people, like you, take time to treat yourselves well. Whether it's a 3 night getaway, a full 7 doesn't matter the length. What matters is that you're treating yourself to some fun and R&R.  

We love our clients and we work diligently to accommodate your travel needs.


Our goal is to change your mind and tell you...

"You Deserve Travel...simply because you deserve it!" 

Family Travel.  Romance Travel. Destination Weddings. Honeymoons. Groups.

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...simply, because you deserve it!

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