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Travel Resources

Below are links to popular site for you to become a  more informed traveler.  Please note, these are external links and in no way is YOU DESERVE TRAVEL responsible for any of the information published on the following pages.

Find My Seat

Are you curious which is the "best seat in the house"? Click the image to be taken to SeatGuru. Enter the airline, date and flight number and you will see the seat layout.

Passports:  Apply or Renew

Whether this is your first time traveling out of the country and you need a passport or you already had one but it's expired, you can here is where you begin the process. ($)

Order Your Birth Certificate

We all have moved at least ONCE. We all have misplaced important documents. Just in case you fall under one of those categories, here's a way you can order your birth certificate so you can then apply for your passport. ($)

Flight Tracker

Because we need to control everything, know's a great way to track your flight. Share this link with the person that's picking you up at the airport to keep track of any flight delays, early arrivals, etc.

Travel Goodies/Accessories

Check out some of Jabiel and Debbie's favorite travel goodies. What saves them money and time when traveling.

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